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It add adds up - consistency with exercise is key

As Mums, exercise often comes last on our agenda. This is a shame because it is so beneficial to mental and physical health. It increases our patience and gives us more energy.....all things that will benefit our families. When I talk with people about exercise, one of the biggest barriers is getting started. People often feel that they need to do it everyday to get benefits. Everyday just feels so overwhelming - so they just don't start.

It can be helpful to reframe how we feel about exercise. If you start out trying to exercise everyday, you will likely do 2 weeks and stop. If you make an easier target and go for consistency you will get much more longevity. Committing to 2 sessions a week of something you love (eg swimming, walking, dancing - any movement) consistently will see you do 104 exercise sessions a year! That's much better than the 14 sessions 'full on and stop' scenario.

I find Mums often have way more strength and stamina that they give themselves credit for. Lifting kids, doing housework, running here there and everywhere does contribute to fitness. Adding small bits of activity into everyday activities can also make a big difference. Lizzy Robinson from Two Minute Moves

has some absolutely brilliant ideas on how Mums can fit small bits of exercise into everyday to improve their mental and physical health.

Go on, make a start - you don't have to go hard core - you just need to start and commit to some consistency.

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