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My name is Natasha Fayle. I am an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) and Exercise Physiologist. I am also a mother of 3. I hold a Masters degree in Nutrition, Dietetics and Exercise Rehabilitation. I am an Accredited Practitioner of the Sequential Oral Sensory SOS Approach to Feeding and a Health Coach. 

I have created Natasha Fayle Nutrition to help adults and children eat real food. I have a passion for low carb, real food nutrition and specialise in helping families better their health through eating real food. 

I am experienced in metabolic management and specialise in adult weight loss and child weight management. Weight management is not just simply calories in, calories out - its actually quite complex. If you are worried about your child's weight or are looking to lose weight yourself, I can help you achieve this in a safe and effective way. 

My main areas of practice are:

- Low carb, real food nutrition

- Adult weight loss

- Child weight management

- Helping families to eat real food

- Children's nutrition

- Fussy eating 

- Growth faltering in children 



Natasha provides a range of 'in person' clinics and video/phone consultations. Please see below for clinic locations and more information on services.

Clinics: Face to Face Consults

The Hills Health Hub

Sydney Low Carb Specialists

Online Consults & Programs

Video Consultations

Phone Consultations

Online Programs

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